About This Site

TFKS was born in the 90's, back when Twenty-Four Karat Software wasn't crap. After decades of building stuff for others, it was time to build something for my own amusement. Plus, I grew tired of strangers thinking "What an interesting person! I wonder what his story is." - AS IF!!!

Professionally, I'm serving as SeƱor Fellow at the Thinktank For a Kinder Society. The base salary isn't great, but the work-life balance more than makes up for it. I'm open for engagements to de-tangle, de-mystify, and de-calcify IT operations: my "OPS3D" consulting package. If your organization is severely dysfunctional, then I can also serve as a convenient scapegoat: my "Everyone Wins" consulting package.

About Me

"I've got my eye on you!"

I was born with Punchable Face syndrome, so if you feel such an urge, do not feel awkward. I try to navigate this sad clown world using humility & gratitude as my guides and a little bit of silliness & snark to help turn those frowns upside-down.