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Current Diversions


FotoLog is a web application designed to help curate, map, and share photographs (fotos) with others. It is not a general purpose foto backup & management application. Instead, the focus is on fotos where the geolocation information is important. It was built for personal use but may be useful for site management such as a parks/forestry department tracking issues that need attention.

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Get your logs on the bus, Gus, and send them to their happy place. LogBus aims to be a Swiss Army knife of system logs & events. It can be used to do the basics such as provide web analytics from common web access logs. It can also be configured & extended relatively easily to handle more specific needs such as adding clients to firewall ban lists when trying to probe or attack your system.

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The Fun Keanu Says

A cool breeze of funny & thoughtful quotes from our favorite actor & director of stage & cinema.

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